About dsinpractice

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit these pages.

My name is Hemanth Yamijala. I am a BigData practitioner from Bangalore, India. I am passionate about distributed systems and have had the good opportunity to be part of building some of these at scale, at various places of my work.

My passion for BigData distributed systems was ignited by Apache Hadoop, to which I was an active contributor and committer while at Yahoo!. Since then, I worked on building a managed data platform on the cloud using Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and BigData pipelines and applications using streaming architectures.

I have constantly benefited from blogs and other online articles written by developers and practitioners around the world. I believe their actions are truly noble, giving away knowledge that they might have acquired with lot of effort, freely to the world.

Through dsinpractice.com, I hope I can contribute too to the task of spreading knowledge. I can only hope that my blogs will be of some use to some people. While visiting these pages, if you have any feedback that corrects or improves the content here, I request you to please take the time and comment on posts. I will try my best to incorporate these feedback.

Thank you once again for reading.

In addition to this site, I also share interesting articles I read externally using my Twitter handle, @yhemanth. Please do follow if you find tastes matching and would like to be in touch!